MAGIS: Specialty Insurance

Effort, commitment, ingenuity, and passion. These are basic elements of success. Yet no two successful people are exactly alike — and neither are their assets. At MAGIS we understand the importance of crafting personalized insurance programs that protect unique assets and shield you from unique vulnerabilities.

  • Is your home insurance equipped to deal with current construction costs?
  • Are there types of losses unique to where you live, like earthquake or flooding?
  • Are your valuables like jewelry, art, and collectibles fully covered?
  • Does your policy cover a family member and their belongings if they are living elsewhere?
  • How can you root out hidden exposures that standard policies don’t or can’t address.

These are the types of questions MAGIS can help you answer. We work with an array of experienced specialty insurers to help you protect the unique assets you’ve worked hard to acquire.

From fine art and collectibles to equine, aviation, and ransom situations — MAGIS does more to protect you.

Contact us today and learn how MAGIS does more to protect you.