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Successful individuals and families face increasingly complex risks – physical and financial. Unlike providers who talk in terms of spending a few minutes to save premiums, we believe that private insurance programs protect assets. And it may be worth spending more than a few minutes to spend them where they count.

A foundation of many private insurance programs is Excess Liability to protect you from larger lawsuits. Do you know what assets can be attached if you are sued for a large amount? If you have excess liability, is the limit sufficient for you and your family?

Is your excess liability reviewed to be sure it protects your entire insurance program? You need more than a policy, you need advice and coordination.

Your program should be designed to your specific needs.

You should have input as to how you spend your insurance dollars.

You should have an insurance advisor who is willing and able to have these conversations with you.

MAGIS Insurance Group is prepared to do more for you.

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