About Us

Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, along Philadelphia’s Main Line, we have national reach and capabilities. Clients and their advisors choose us for our approach and expertise, not always because we are in their back yard. Having an insurance agency that can coordinate what you own, no matter where it is located, can result in more protection.

Magis was founded by Rick Davis, who has spent his entire career in insurance and risk management. Having created, acquired and grown successful businesses for insurance companies including AIG, Chubb and Aetna (now Travelers), with regional & national independent agents and brokers, Rick and his team are committed to three C’s: clarity, coordination and convenience. We want you to do what you do best, allowing us to do what we do best on your behalf.

MAGIS Insurance Group is doing more to protect our clients.

We work hard to design and manage insurance programs to protect individuals and businesses.

MAGIS Insurance Group is doing more to protect the clients of trusted advisors.

We have a saying at Magis that “everything you do, everything you sign and everything you own” has potential for loss. Confidentially working with advisors in many disciplines, we strive to understand and educate about how individuals, entities, lifestyles and financial arrangements require protection.

MAGIS Insurance Group is doing more to foster growth in our associates for the benefit of all.

We believe that maximizing everyone’s potential is the essence of Magis. We support and encourage technical education as well as community involvement so that our associates live greater lives.

MAGIS Insurance Group is doing more to broaden our relationships with insurers.

Working to have the very best relationships with insurance companies benefits our clients. We are committed to forging significant professional bonds with a breadth and depth of insurers that can provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.