About Us

Can MAGIS help you?

MAGIS is more than an insurance agency. Our unique combination of global reach and personalized client care allow us to craft asset protection plans tailored to the specific needs of each client.

More Experience

MAGIS founder Rick Davis has spent his entire career in insurance and risk management. Having created, acquired, and grown successful businesses for insurance companies including AIG, Chubb, and Aetna (now Travelers), with regional & national independent agents and brokers, Rick and his team are committed to three C’s: clarity, coordination, and convenience.

More Reach

At MAGIS, we understand that your assets are not always under one roof, or even in one state. That’s why our philosophy extends beyond geographic boundaries to protect your diverse array of assets—from home, business, and auto to marine, aircraft, and fine art—regardless of where they are located.

More Personalized Planning

At MAGIS, we often say that everything you do, everything you sign, and everything you own has the potential for loss. For this reason, we look not only at individual assets, but also at the way the interrelationships between those assets can expose our clients to risk. Confidentially working with advisors in many disciplines, we’ve built a solid understanding of how individuals, entities, lifestyles, and financial arrangements require comprehensive protection.

More Emphasis on Growth

Maximizing everyone’s potential is the essence of MAGIS. We support and encourage technical education as well as community involvement so that our associates live greater lives.

More Productive Relationships with Insurers

MAGIS forges productive relationships with insurance companies to most effectively benefit our clients. We are committed to reinforcing these professional bonds with a breadth and depth of insurers that can provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.


Do you own a business as well as a home?
Do you rent ore lease your land?
Do you own real estate in several states or countries?
Do you own marine, equine, aviation, or fine art assets?
Are you concerned that your assets may be exposed to complex risks?
Is your home, business, or land at risk from third-party claims?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we’d like to hear from you.